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Our Mission

We provide the best project teams assembled only of experts

Adaptika Mission

To provide the best project teams assembled only of experts, to expedite delivery at a price point which naturally increases return on investment and reduces payback periods.

Innovative Solutions

Our teams will assess, design and implement commercially innovative solutions, using traditional and leading-edge technologies and project methods. 

Emerging Demand

Adaptika was born of an emerging demand for expertise in the identification, design and delivery of leading-edge solutions that deliver  significant return on investment. ​

About Adaptika

We can assemble responses for an ever-expanding range of technologies.

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We support organisations that are focused on developing their position, interactions and operations in commodity value chains. 

We have a track record successfully supporting traditional enterprise wide projects that relate to core systems including C/ETRM, ERP and business intelligence with a commoditas bias. 

Adaptika can assemble responses to an ever expanding landscape of technologies that include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Distributed Ledgers, Internet of Things and Data Analytics

Our Team

Meet our  management

Our management team is formed from career consultants and talent management professionals that together form a potent resource for shaping successful project teams.

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A taste of our clients

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Through the eyes of a commodities and finance change management consultancy.

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